I welcome inquiries regarding acquiring limited edition fine art prints and/or exhibiting my work. If you're traveling out west, RARE Gallery in Jackson Hole carries my work.

Prices for works in the series "Golden Strands" are noted within that section of this website.

Images in my current project "Liable to Disappear" are as of this writing not for sale as final production materials and sizes have yet to be determined.

I will be happy to consider requests for licensing my work or to discuss creative commissions for new work.

Please contact me directly at

If you would like to learn about upcoming exhibitions and publications, feel free to provide your name/email address below; I only send out notices when there is news to share (my mailing list is private, and never sold or shared).

Thank you for looking at my work. And please consider going outside tonight and looking up at the moon and stars. It will make you feel small — which is freeing, because so what if we make mistakes, we might as well go for it — and it will make you feel lucky to be here. Namaste.


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