When I was at AIPAD in 2017, my friend and amazing book artist Jace Graf pointed out Mary Virginia Swanson and said I should meet her. There she was in her red jacket ... a gigantic presence ... so I summoned my nerve, approached her and introduced myself. She referred me to her website and said she would be happy to talk with me.

That was the beginning of a relationship that has helped me begin to get my work out into the world. And it was the start of a great friendship with someone who is a legend (at a young age) in the photography world, from her early work with Ansel Adams and Magnum to her tireless work today lecturing and mentoring photographers.

Why do we photograph? For many personal reasons, but also because we want to communicate something with others. And that is the tricky part, the stuff that is sometimes unpleasant and confusing for artistic types. But Swanee is an incredible mentor, and two workshops and many conversations later, I now have a fair idea of how to go about this.

Here's Swanee's post of my work at the PhotoNOLA portfolio review in December.