Liable to disappear


Love and life offer a wonderful and terrible mix — joy along with angst, passion along with indifference, satisfaction along witih longing, comfort along with terror. And when we choose to love, we take on astonishing risk.

Like many, I’ve lost people I loved, failed at relationships, felt disappointed with humanity, lost parts of my body to cancer, and anguished over the destruction of nature. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and I want to run away. And I understand part of the answer is to learn to let go, and I guess that’s true. But it’s so hard to do.

So I’m working through these feelings through photography. I didn’t decide on this theme and start shooting. It just happened. When I looked at the images I was making, I realized I was shooting moody, solitary scenes. Not necessarily sad things, but the story of life narrated by nature, a story of things or moments that are liable to disappear.